Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Week number 6, pick up sticks!

Heather, sexily eating a mandarin. (Edit by Heather: Don, it's a Mandarin orange).

Well, hopefully almost as soon as promised, our playlist from dec the 13th. Enjoy with eggnog.

Cake - Stick shifts and safety belts
The Pucks - I want you to want me
The February's - Meant for each other
Viva Death - Trust Me
Union 13 - Symptoms of Humanity
Oneofthesedays - Billy the Bully
Syd Vinicius - No meio de tudo
Wanda Sa - Adriana
CPM 22 - Anteontem
Stiff Little Fingers - Guitar and Drum
Lower Class Brats - Just Like Clockwork
Pistol Grip - Black Heart
Ich + Ich - Ich + Ich
Die Kleine Tierschau - Schunder song
Chainsaw Hollies - Cry for love
Nural - Tension
Mike Park - Blue Marble
Pulley - Stomach Ache
Joni Mitchell - Carey
Frankie Laine - Ghost Riders in the sky
Sergio Mendes - Batucada
You Say Party! We Say Die! - Midnight Snack
Ween - Beacon Light
Voodoo Glow Skulls - Here Comes the Sun
Manau - Dafunkamanau
Patrick Watson - Giver
Anthem Red - Cry out loud (because we loved them last week)
The Curtains - Green Water
3 Piece Suit - Opus 1
Party Pals - House of the Rising Sun
The City Streets - Romeo Dallaire vs. The Failure of Humanity
Chingon - Malaguena Salerosa

Luxembourg Five O'Clock fast fact = The official languages of Luxembourg are French, German, and sexy sexy Luxembourgish (sp?). Love it.


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