Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Week 3 and still going strong.

Our playlist. Maybe our single caller will see it. Enjoy!

Misery Signals - The Year that Summer Ended in June
The Briggs - Bored Teenager
Teenage Surf Invasion - North Saskatchewan Surf
The Street Dogs - In Defense of Dorchester
Detonautas - Quando o sol se for
Raimundos - Mulher de fases
Chico Buarque - Valsinha
Pretty Girls Make Graves - Chemical, Chemical
Shawn Hewitt & the National Strike - Dr. Yes
The Cottars - Ready for the Storm
Tenacious D - Karate Schnitzel, Karate
Dana Lyons - Cows with guns
Toploader - Achilles Heel
The Constantines - Hyacinth Blues
Osker - Strangled
Piebald - Part of your Body is made of Rock
Manu Chao - Me gustas tu
Manau - La tribu de Dana
Mana - El perro enlouquecido
Butt Cleavage - Juliet and Felatio
Forward Russia - Nine
Goatwhore - Bloodletting on the Cloven Hoof
Die Fantastischen 4 - Troy
Freundeskreis - One love schoener tag (ft. Patrice)
Johannes & Stephan - Auftritt Mike
Sixer - Hero
Operation Ivy - Here we go Again
One Man Army - Victoria
Lefty Mcrighty and the Boxcar Cadavers - Big Nipples

This will also be known as the week that Heather discovered CJSR's cassette collection. Oh Yeah, baby!

Five O'Clock Fast Fact: Luxembourg is the world's only sovereign grand duchy!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Playlist: Nov. 15!

Greetings! We think that our second show went much better than the first. Are we right?

Here's the list of wonderful songs that we played on Wednesday:

Josh Ritter - Snow is Gone
Oomph - Augen auf
Tito & the Tarantulas - After Dark
88 Fingers Louie - 100 Proof
Alkaline Trio - Warbrain
The Wednesday Night Heroes - Don't Tread on Me
Jota Quest - Facil
Capital Inicial - Primeiros Erros
Charlie Brown Jr. - Fogo na Bomba
Bikini Kill - False Start
Anniversary - Sweet Marie
Bombs Over Providence - Walkerton, Workfare and the Wusses who Watched
Corb Lund Band - Truck got stuck
Richard Cheese - Rape me
Postal Service - District Sleeps alone tonight
Bloodshot Bill - I'll Know
Amy Seeley - The Trees Want you back
Snakes Say Hiss - Talk
Buena Vista Social Club (ft. Celia Cruz) - Guantanamera
Mana - Rayando el sol
Buena Vista Social Club - Chan Chan
Common Rider - Where the Waves are Highest
Mad Bomber Society - Oao
Strung Out - Jackie O.
Against All Authority - All fall Down
All Else Fails - Confession
All Else Fails - This World in Flames
Lost Action Heroes - Canadian Badass
Five O'Clock Charlie - Everyone in Tune
Rodrigo y Gabriela - Tamacun

Luxembourg Five O'Clock Fast Fact for this week: Luxemmbourg was one of the original founding members of the European Economic Community, which is know today as the European Union!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Our First show...

Well, I think we are still recovering from our train wreck of a first show, but here is the playlist from wednesday morn, nov 8.

Regina Let's go by CPM 22
So por uma noite by Charlie Brown Jr.
Velha Infancia by Os Tribalistas
Their Venom by 7 and 7 is
The King is Dead by A Wilhelm Scream
Army of Zombies by Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards
Small Time Blues by Pete Droge
Coalmine by Danny Michel
.end you. by Sleeping Girl
Static on Through by Division and Wellesley
Those Anarcho Punks are Mysterious by Against Me!
Bring 'em in Billy by Ever We Fall
Pushed Again by Die Toten Hosen
Emmanuela by Fettes Brot
Gekommen um zu bleiben by Wir Sind Helden
Bike Riders by Lucero
Break out! Break out! by All Time Low
Jesus is Alive and Well (and living in Mexico) by Audio Karate
La camisa negra by Juanes
La Partida by Gustavo Santaloalla
Tenha do by Los Hermanos
Almighty Love by Emm Gryner
Synthesized by The Epoxies
Sign in the Window by The Swingin' Utters
Fear Most by Klaus Flouride
favourite fantasy by The Pucks
Only thing keeping me sane by Michael Rault
Making Love to the Greycup by Ivan Hrvatska
Vampire Cats by The Deadcats
Yankee Bayonet by The Decemberists

This week's Luxembourg Five O'Clock Fast Fact: Luxembourg officially became an independent country in 1867!