Saturday, December 30, 2006

Weeks 7 and 8, we are lazy.

Well, well. It looks like the holidays brings the best out in us all. And by the best, I mean laziness. Here is a partial week 7 list, and a more-or-less accurate list of week 8, and my sincere apologies for sleeping for 14 hours a day. Although it was totally worth it.

Week 7

Nina Simone - Feelin' Good
Decemberists - July, July
Nizlopi - JCB Song

Charlie Brown Jr. - Papo Reto
CPM 22 - A Velha Historia
Gogol Bordello - Mala Vida

Die Aerzte - Hurra
Die Toten Hosen - Hier Kommt Alex
Trio - Da da da

Elephant Island - Criminal

Fucked up - David comes to life

Week 8

Dread Zeppelin - Ramble on
Sleeping Girl - Por una suma de voz
The Monkees - Daydream believer
Bent - Cylons in love
Metric - Succexy
Richard Hawley - Darlin'
The Sundays - Wild Horses
Thievery Corporation - Lebanese Blond
Gillian Welch, Allison Krauss, Emmylou Harris - Didn't leave nobody but the baby
Ella Fitzgerald - If I were a bell
Teitur - I was just thinking
Boy George - Bow down mister
Die Toten Hosen - Kauf mich
Farin Urlaub - Sumisu
Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence
Ewan Mcgregor - El Tango roxanne
Deerfoot - Marshall Bomb
Spymachine Sixteen - for the jocks who scream from cars
Strap-on Tools - I wish my lawn was emo (so it would cut itself)
bonfires of Sao Joao - Indios do Norte
DJ Format - Ill culinary behaviour

Luxembourg fast fact: The recorded history of Luxembourg begins with the construction of Luxembourg castle in the year 963 CE.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Week number 6, pick up sticks!

Heather, sexily eating a mandarin. (Edit by Heather: Don, it's a Mandarin orange).

Well, hopefully almost as soon as promised, our playlist from dec the 13th. Enjoy with eggnog.

Cake - Stick shifts and safety belts
The Pucks - I want you to want me
The February's - Meant for each other
Viva Death - Trust Me
Union 13 - Symptoms of Humanity
Oneofthesedays - Billy the Bully
Syd Vinicius - No meio de tudo
Wanda Sa - Adriana
CPM 22 - Anteontem
Stiff Little Fingers - Guitar and Drum
Lower Class Brats - Just Like Clockwork
Pistol Grip - Black Heart
Ich + Ich - Ich + Ich
Die Kleine Tierschau - Schunder song
Chainsaw Hollies - Cry for love
Nural - Tension
Mike Park - Blue Marble
Pulley - Stomach Ache
Joni Mitchell - Carey
Frankie Laine - Ghost Riders in the sky
Sergio Mendes - Batucada
You Say Party! We Say Die! - Midnight Snack
Ween - Beacon Light
Voodoo Glow Skulls - Here Comes the Sun
Manau - Dafunkamanau
Patrick Watson - Giver
Anthem Red - Cry out loud (because we loved them last week)
The Curtains - Green Water
3 Piece Suit - Opus 1
Party Pals - House of the Rising Sun
The City Streets - Romeo Dallaire vs. The Failure of Humanity
Chingon - Malaguena Salerosa

Luxembourg Five O'Clock fast fact = The official languages of Luxembourg are French, German, and sexy sexy Luxembourgish (sp?). Love it.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Week5: We love Russian hockey players!

Don works his magic!

As usual, we're disgustingly late with posting the setlist.
Dec. 6th:

Compromise - For You
Death by Stereo - Holding 60 Dollars on a Burning Bridge
The Dillinger Four - Maximum Piss & Vinegar
Ben Lee - Cigarettes will kill you
Cake - Never There
Five O'clock Charlie - Metaphors, Mythology
Alkaline Trio - The Poison
Anti-Flag - Turncoat
Madcap - Bright Lights, Big City
Stairwell - Ancient Ruins
Decemberists - Eli, the barrow boy
Go Find - Bleeding Heart
Chris Thomas King - Hard time killing floor blues
Michael Andrews - Liquid Spear Waltz
The Eyeliners - I Could Never Hate You
Kaddisfly - For the Ejection of Rest; They'll Dance
Five O'Clock Charlie - Replacement Parts
The Faint - Agenda Suicide
Die Aerzte - Der Misanthop
Subway to Sally - Auf der Reise
Die Aerzte - Langweilig
Stolen Babies - Spill!
Lions and Tigers and Bears - NASCAR
Anonymus - Suffer the Consequences
The Nightstalkers - Tombstone Hop
Sweet Home Wreckers - Sweet casualty
Anthem Red - Ollie
Million Dollar Marxists - Zero culture
Reality Sandwich - Dejeuner, S'il vous plait
Manu Chao - Homens

Luxembourg Five O'Clock Fast Fact: Let's talk telephones! There are 255 500 land lines in use and 720 000 cell phones in use in Luxembourg, as per a 2005 estimate.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Week 4: The Somewhat Disasterous Cover Show!

Look, we have a picture!
We were kinda low energy this week, but it'll be much better next time around.

A Thorn for Every Heart - Dead Man's Party (originally done by Oingo Boingo)
Off by One - Torn (originally done by Natalie Imbruglia)
Slick Shoes - Candy
Capital Inicial - Sou passageiro ("the passenger" by Iggy pop)
Emerson Nogueira - Forever young (the alphaville one, not the rod stewart one)
Seu Jorge - Life on Mars (Bowie)
The Simpsons - Homer's take on The Flinstones Theme
The Simpsons - Bart turns Iron Butterfly into Church Music
So They Say - Forever Young (originally done by Rod Stewart)
Blues Brothers - Soul man (A sam & dave tune)
K's Choice ft. Anouk - I alone (song by Live)
Rajaton - Lady Madonna (from the Beatles)
Me First & the Gimme Gimmes - Don't Let the Sun go Down on me (originally done by Elton John)
Me First & the Gimme Gimmes - Only the Good Die Young (originally done by Billy Joel
Me First & the Gimme Gimmes - On the Road Again
Richard Cheese - Sunday bloody sunday (U2 cover)
Richard Cheese - Somebody told me (the killers)
Richard Cheese - Enter Sandman (metallica)
Johnny Cash - Hurt (originally done by Nine Inch Nails)
William Shatner - Common People (originally by Pulp)
Social Distortion - Ring of Fire (originally done by Johnny Cash)
Dread Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin tune)
Caesars - Don't fear the reaper (from blue oyster cult. no cowbell in this version, though)
Dread Zeppelin - Immigrant song (Led)
Hayseed Dixie - Highway to Hell (originally done by AC/DC)
Hayseed Dixie - Cat Scratch Fever (originally done by Ted Nugent)
Hayseed Dixie - I Believe in a Thing Called Love (originally done by The Darkness)
Orishas - 537 CUBA (cover of Chan chan from the buena vista social club)
Outlaws - Ghost riders in the sky (from Frankie Lane, I believe)

Luxembourg Five O'Clock Fast Fact: Luxembourg's population is 474 413! How awesome!